How to start blogging?

How to start a blog ?

Do you want to start a blog?

Do you have query about how to start a blog.

In this post I’ll show you exactly how to create your own blog with no technical skill requirement.

Blogging is simple,fun & profitable you must make sure that the content of your blog is interesting and impressive to your visitors.

Steps how to start blogging :

1. Choose topic about your blog.

2. Choose the blogging platform.

3. Register a domain name and hosting.

4. Add post and pages.& Star growing your blog.

If you’re new to blogging, this blog really helps to get started off on the right foot and have someone to help you avoid mistakes.

I’ve put this blog for you, to give beginners a fast guide to starting a blogging, without having to learn HTML (any technical skill) or waste your time reading long, boring tutorials.

Step 1. Choose topic about blog(blog ideas):

Blogging is simple,fun & profitable you must make sure that the content of your blog is interesting and impressive to your visitors.

You should very well known about your topic , the better you know your topics you can teach some one.

Step 2. Choose the blogging platform:

There are many blogging platform the famous is word press,blogger etc.

Word press provide many features.

On the other hand blogger from google is free. FOR a beginner is very good.

Blog spot is a very simple platform.

It’s easy to use or you do not need to worry about hosting , backup and maintenance.

On the negative side, you do have very limited options for changing the look and feel, adding features and functionality. The platform hasn’t seen any development from Google for a while. The user interface and usability look outdated compared to more modern platforms.

This fact makes Blogger not the best option when it comes to the long-term sustainability. It just cannot compare to WordPress, a platform that is Continuously upgraded and improved by the active community of developers. This is why in the battle of Blogger Vs WordPress, the winner is WordPress.

Step 3. Register a domain name or hosting:

In order for your blog to be online, and accessible to anyone, you need server space. You get server space from a hosting company or “host.”

You can choose the blue host service for your hosting now they provide free domain name with their hosting.

You can go from their to get a hosting by click this link BLUE HOST Best hosting website.

In blogger.Com there is no required of domain purchase. It’s domain is free but it comes with yourdomainname

If you use you do not need to buy any hosting and domain name but you do not have any control in your blog google can any time close your blog.

As a beginner your can try

You can change/transfer your hosting latter easily.

Step 4. Add post and pages & starts growing your blog:

Start blogging by posting and adding pages in your blog.

You do not have to worry about any thing just start the blogging. You can learn more from experience.

If you have any queries about blog or any other questions how to start a blog you can comment. I’ll answer your questions.

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