How to get DataCamp free Subscription for 2 months

How to get DataCamp free Subscription

DataCamp is one of the best online learning platform where you can learn Data science with Python and R language.Data Science is one of the most demanded field.

there are still not enough people exploiting the opportunities in this industry.

Having a low supply of labor, salaries will remain high. Thus, this is a good field to get into.

Data science is on the rise, both from a company’s perspective and from an employee’s perspective. This makes data science a great field to get into at the moment.

So here I am giving you the steps to get the DataCamp free Subscription so that you can learn the data science and have an idea about it.

All these are the Steps to get DataCamp free subscription

Step 1:Create a microsoft outlook account if those who have this account they don’t have any need to create it.

Step 2 : After Creating the microsoft account visit visual studio .

Now sign in your microsoft account in visual studio.

Step 3 : After signing in to visual studio you will move to the visual studio site there you have to click on use your benefits.

click on use your benefits

Step 4 : After clicking on use your benefits you will move to next page shown below here click on the datacamp activate.

After clicking on activate you will move to Datacamp website there you just need to create a account with your microsoft account.

In this way you will get the free subscription of datacamp to become a data scientist and most demanded field.

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