Best niche to make money for blog

Best niche to make money for blog


There’s a problem that I see bloggers make all the time.

I’ve had the same problem in the past.To choose the best and perfect niche for your blog.

There are a number of reasons that particular niche or topic you choose could be the wrong one.

It may be that you’re not passionate enough, you don’t know enough about it or it’s just too difficult to make money in that sector (or you don’t know how).

People heavily invest their money and time in wrong niche and regret after a year later.

number 1 mistake most people make when they start out and picks a niche they love to write about and don’t realise that there’s no money to be made.

Number 2 mistake Some picks a niche and decides purely on the basis of profitability. A few months or years down they realise that they have no love for that niche and if you have no love for your niche how you can expect that some one loves it.

There is a lots of factors you should consider when you’re looking at blog niche ideas and trying to pick the right one for you.In this post there are a few ideas to help you pick the perfect niche or topic area for your blog.

How to choose topic or niche for your blog :

There are may blog niches which already make money there are some questions you should known when your are going to start a blog. It will help you to find perfect niche for your blog and you can earn some decent money through it.

1. Is it a big market?

Think about the industry of your blog. Is there a lot of money being made in the industry. If yes, then there’s probably potential for a money-making blog.

2. Is there good traffic?

Is people in this industry regularly search online for advice, news, tips and other content? If so, then there is likely to be a potential to generate good traffic for your can increase the site traffic by learn how SEO works..

.3.Is the niche profitable?

If the blog niche is not profitable then there is no need to choose that topic it’s just a waste of time for you.

Money is a key motivator.

Here are some points you can use to find that your blog is going to be profitable or not :

1. Market



4.Available affiliate programs and CPA offers

5.other people making money?


4. Are you interested in this niche?

Most important thing is that, are you interested in the niche? There’s no point starting a blog about something you have zero knowledge or zero interest in it. You will quickly get bored or tired of it. Pick an area you can create unlimited content at any problem.

Therecompetition niche research tools available in internet you can use them to find out competition :

SEMRUSH– this is the first tool I turn to for niche research. I also use it a lot for coming up with Blog post ideas too. It allows me to learn more about my competitors, find out what they’re ranking for and which keywords are being searched for.

Long tail pro – I invested in Long Tail Pro a few months ago and I’m very impressed with it. Add in as many seed keywords you like and set filters to pull out the best keywords.

You can also see how popular search terms are with data pulled from Google and using the Moz API you can size up the competition for target keywords.

Google key word planner (free) – this is part of Google Adwords which allows you to do keyword research on the fly. It is the replacement for the Keyword External Tool but I’m not a huge fan of the interface.

Google trends (free) – seeing historic trends for particular keywords is important to get an idea of whether or not your niche is on the decline, or increasing in popularity.

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