5 Best ways to rank your blog on google

5 Best ways to rank your blog on google

If you are new in blogging Carrier you can start by learn How to start blogging

It’s not easy to succeed at content marketing without creating blog posts on a regular basis.

So if you’ve started blogging.

It’s time to building traffic, acquiring new customers.

you cannot make much progress. Unless your articles are ranking well in Google search.

Every successful blog is built on a solid foundation of content, but it’s consistency that’s the real key to successful search engine rank.

This is your guide to getting your content ranked higher.

There are some best effective ways to rank your blog post in google.

I’m going to show you the step-by-step process that I personally use to create my blog postt. The longer post gets a better search engine rank.

1. Keyword research :


Doing some basic keyword research will help you find keywords that your target market is searching for, and words that you have a chance of ranking for.

Using best or my favourite keyword research tool Google Keyword Planner.

Using the Google Keyword Planner, look for highly-relevant keywords that get a decent number of searches and low levels of competition.

it’s better to pick a main topic for your post, than to choose a variety of words and phrases that will help you flesh out that tophigh.

But you should also check that the competition is not so high.

2. SEO( Search engine optimization) :

The most important thing is of SEO. Simply using your chosen keywords in strategic areas of your post.

It concerns both the content of individual pages as well as the HTML. The purpose of on-page SEO is to help pages rank higher and drive to right traffic from search engines.

Research has shown that certain blog post formats tend to get more links and social shares. We know that links and shares both go a long way toward improving rankings.

You have to do a proper research on SEO it’ll sure help your blog to get high on google ranking.

You can Learn how SEO works.

3. Word count :

First off, it’s important to note there’s no precise, “optimal” word count. But Extremely short content has been known to outrank, which suggests that any length can work if it’s written well.

Research has shown that high-ranking posts tend to be longer and more in depth. Searchmetrics, for instance, found that the top 10 pages contained an average of 1,285 words.serpIQ, on the other hand, has found 1,500 words to be a good target length.

Google’s John Mueller has wrote that, “There’s no minimum length, and there’s no minimum number of articles a day that you have to post, nor even a minimum number of pages on a website. In most cases, quality is better than quantity. Our algorithms explicitly try to find and recommend websites that provide content that’s of high quality, unique, and compelling to users. Don’t fill your site with low-quality content, instead work on making sure that your site is the absolute best of its kind.”

4. Promote it on social media :

Research tells us that most content never gets much attraction online. One reason may be that many business owners don’t have a plan in place for promoting and distributing their blog posts.

One of the best ways to get your posts seen is to share them on social media. Assuming you’ve already built up your audience on various platforms, you should be sharing your posts with your own fans and followers. If you don’t yet have an audience, you can invest in some inexpensive social ads to get more click-throughs and to build your follower base.

Facebook or Instagram ,LinkedIn groups and online forums can also be great places to promote your posts. Just be clear on the group’s promotion policies so you don’t get into trouble for self-promotion.

5. Back links to your blog posts :

The next and the final step to getting your blog post ranking high in Google is to build links to that post. While most bloggers spend time get links of other high-value pages, many forget to build back links to their own posts.

If you have many back links of your post you have higher chance to get ranking in google search.

Some ways you can get these links include:

  • Linking internally to your blog posts on your own blog.
  • Letting other bloggers and journalists know about specific posts that would be relevant to them.

The above strategies should help you.

To continue drive traffic and views over the long term.